Quantic Dream’s upcoming game, Detroit: Become Human has received a new trailer at Sony’s E3 2016 press conference.

While first announced late last year, it’s only now that we’ve been given more information on what to expect from the game. Players will fill the shoes of an android named Connor, an advanced prototype assigned to police forces to help them investigate cases involving deviants. He is a mix of detective and bounty hunter, investigating and then hunting down other androids.

As expected from such a setting, players will be bombed with a plethora of choices and decisions that will in ways affect the outcome of your investigation. Quantic Dream wants us to become “co-writers” in the game, making critical decisions and changing the story around us. Each story will come with different perspectives, leaving up to the player to decide which side to believe in. Additionally, your characters can die in the game. However, the main story will continue without them.

“We have developed a brand-new engine with many advanced features (new renderers, a new dynamic lighting engine, physically-based shaders, physical cameras, and much more cool stuff),” director David Cage stated. He also confirmed that Connor is only one of several playable characters in Detroit: Become Human.