Limbo’s spiritual successor, Inside, has been confirmed for a release on Xbox One on June 29 by Playdead during Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference. The newest title from the developer will then arrive on PC through Steam on July 7.

With this close to release time, Playdead treated us with an extended gameplay footage to show just how we’ll be helping a young boy escape a creepy prison and stop evil forces from conducting any more weird experiments on captured human bodies.

Inside was originally slated for release last year but was then delayed to 2016. Since the announcement of its delay, we’ve heard little from the developer over what forced its hand to push the launch ahead. In fact, the confirmation of the new release dates at E3 2016 is the first time that we’ve heard about the game since then.

To mark the occasion of Inside’s impending release, Playdead has made Limbo free on Xbox One and Steam until June 21. Those who still have yet to play this atmospheric platformer should give it a try, since Inside is also based on the same gameplay style.