Microsoft has been steadily adding new features to its Office 365 arsenal. Its latest app is useful for small businesses to track work and collaborate with ease. If you have experience with Trello, you’ll know what Planner is about as both are quite similar.

Planner is essentially a team collaboration app. You can create boards for different divisions or departments of your work, and then add members in the boards. Within the boards, you can create buckets (similar to cards in Trello) used for objectives which can contain descriptions, images, checklists, documents and more. Then you can set due dates and assign members to selective cards. When members are given new tasks they are sent e-mails so they can stay up to date.

Microsoft previously had a project management tool called Project, which many claimed was too complex to use and users had to go through a learning curve to use it with ease. Due to this, people moved towards spreadsheets or other solutions like Trello. Planner will serve as an easy to use, lightweight app that will be able to be used by everybody.

Microsoft’s Planner is a bit more focused on teams and businesses. On the homepage, the work to be done, in progress and completed work are shown in color coded charts so users can easily view what they have done and what’s left. The thing that makes Planner different from Trello and Asana is that since it’s a Microsoft product, it is integrated with other Microsoft apps like Outlook and OneNote.

People that are not used to working on apps from relatively unknown startups will feel more comfortable working with Planner. In fact, Microsoft claims the local government from Cascais, Portugal will move its entire workflow over to Planner. Apps like these are quite important for many businesses to be properly organized. Often times businesses use excel spreadsheets and sometimes they can’t keep track of things and deadlines, with project management appsĀ there is no room left for missing anything.

According to Microsoft, Planner will be rolling out for the next several weeks and people with eligible Office 365 subscriptions should automatically see Planner popping up on their launcher.