The Technomancer offers several quests where the player is forced to choose a single outcome from a variety of given choices. Each chosen outcome has its own impact on the storyline, and associated rewards or gains.

Quest: A Soldier’s Bitterness
This side-quest is only unlocked upon killing Boris and tasks you to track down David. His disappearance has caused stern rumors of him being a spy. After speaking soldiers at the barracks, you’ll finally be able to track him down at the Curiosity. During the confrontation, you’ll be given two choices to decide his fate:

a) Tell him to leave
Gain: 500 XP, +2 Karma, +10 Reputation with David
Loss: David will no longer be available as a companion

b) Shoot him
Gain: 500 XP, Mace and Shield (Requires 2 Strength)
Loss: -1 Karma, David will no longer be available as a companion

Interestingly, you can have a third outcome if you have a single point in Charisma. During the conversation, you can choose to convince him to come back to the team and not be labelled as a deserter. Mention Boris to him and then hear out David’s story. If you steer the conversation wrongfully, David will become even more upset, forcing you to choose between options a and b.

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The Technomancer is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.