The Technomancer offers several quests where the player is forced to choose a single outcome from a variety of given choices. Each chosen outcome has its own impact on the storyline, and associated rewards or gains.

Quest: Under Orders of a Merchant Prince – Subterfuge
This is another main questline from the campaign that is going to take you to Aurora’s Shadow Path. However, before that, you’ll be faced against Dandolo who will act based on what you decide. You’ll have two choices in which to tackle this quest-thread:

a) Explain the situation (Refuse Dandolos plan)
Gain: +3 Reputation with Noctis, Uniforms (Quest Item)
Loss: Risk of upsetting Dandolo later on

b) Attack (Follow the plan)
Gain: +3 Reputation with Noctis, Uniforms (Quest Item)
Loss: Time consuming and difficult battle

Dandolos will present you with two more options when you return to him afterwards; confessing the truth will cost you -1 Reputation with Noctis.

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The Technomancer is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.