Intel i3 7350K 4.2Ghz Benchmarks Leaked – Outperforms i5 6400 & 4670K CPUs

Benchmarks for Intel’s new powerful overclocking ready i3-7350K 4.2 GHz dual core CPU have already been leaked. The benchmarks are extremely impressive and the little chip outperforms all of Intel’s current and previous generation of i5’s. With overclocking, the CPU can be pushed up to i7 territory.

New Chip Is Ready For Overclocking!

The first of its kind, the Intel Core i3 7350K is ready for overclocking and is the first chip which brings a friendly unlock multiplier to the table.  This is something that a lot of people have been calling for a long time too. The i3 7350K is rated at a TDP of 91W and features 4MB of L3 cache. It’s a dual core, hyperthreaded part which means it can execute up to four threads simultaneously.

This chip will have a boost clock of 4.2 GHz right out of the box. Moreover, its unlocked multiplier will increase its power by a tremendous margin. This seems like an obvious competitor for AMD’s upcoming Zen CPUs.

Intel Core i3 7350K Benchmarks


Thanks to the CPU’s boost clock it is faster than any stock i5 CPU out there. However, the figures don’t stop there. Even though the chip only has two cores, it delivers a multi-score of 10048 putting  it as a competitor to numerous i5’s


Intel 7th Generation ‘Kaby Lake’ Desktop Lineup

SKU NameCores/ThreadsCore ClockBoost ClockL3 CacheTDPSocketPrice
Core i7-7700K4/84.2 GHz4.5 GHz8 MB91WLGA1151$349 US
Core i7-77004/83.6 GHz4.2 GHz8 MB65WLGA1151$309 US
Core i7-7700T4/82.9 GHzTBD8 MB35WLGA1151TBC
Core i5-7600K4/43.8 GHz4.2 GHz6 MB91WLGA1151$239 US
Core i5-76004/43.5 GHz4.1 GHz6 MB65WLGA1151$219 US
Core i5-7600T4/42.8 GHzTBD6 MB35WLGA1151TBC
Core i5-75004/43.4 GHz3.8 GHz6 MB65WLGA1151$189 (Pre-Order)
Core i5-7500T4/42.7 GHzTBD6 MB35WLGA1151TBC
Core i5-74004/43.0 GHz3.5 GHz6 MB65WLGA1151$189 US
Core i5-7400T4/42.4 GHzTBD6 MB35WLGA1151TBC
Core i3-7350K2/44.0 GHz4.2 GHz4 MB61W?LGA 1151$177 (Pre-Order)
Core i3-73202/43.9 GHz4.1 GHz4 MBTBDLGA 1151$166 (Pre-Order)
Core i3-73002/44.0 GHzTBD4 MB51WLGA1151$153 (Pre-Order)
Core i3-7310T2/43.4 GHzTBD3 MBTBDLGA1151TBC
Core i3-71002/23.9 GHzTBD3 MB35WLGA 1151$122 (Pre-Order)
Pentium G46202/43.7 GHzN/A3 MB51WLGA1151$98 (Pre-Order)
Pentium G46002/43.6 GHzN/A3 MB51WLGA 1151$87 (Pre-Order)
Pentium G45602/23.5 GHzN/A2 MB35WLGA 1151$68 (Pre-Order)
Pentium G39502/23.0 GHzN/A2 MB35WLGA1151$56 (Pre-Order)
Pentium G39302/22.9 GHzN/A2 MB35WLGA1151$45 (Pre-Order)

In conclusion, the new Core i3 7350K seems like a very worthy successor and will definitely go head to head with AMD’s reasonably priced Zen lineup. Its only a matter of a few months and we’ll get to know the full details behind these marvelous chips


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