The tech giant Amazon has been awarded a patent which talks about a specific technology. it is called an “Airborne Fulfillment Center (AFC).” The AFC is in essence an airship which flies at extremely high altitudes (45,000 feet) and would be used to house items the company sells through its online portal. Amazon describes a method by which drones would fly into the warehouse, pick up the items they need to deliver, and then deliver those items to the customer’s home.

Over the last few years, the tech giant has been working on its drone technology through its Prime Air program. Earlier this month, Amazon successfully completed its first drone delivery in the U.K. The company plans to expand its drone testing in 2017 in hopes of eventually relying on the unmanned aerial vehicles to deliver lightweight packages to homes.

Amazon wrote this in  its patent,

“The use of an AFC and shuttles also provides another benefit in that the AFC can remain airborne for extended periods of time,” the company wrote in its patent description. “In addition, because the AFC is airborne, it is not limited to a fixed location like a traditional ground based materials handling facility. In contrast, it can navigate to different areas depending on a variety of factors, such as weather, expected demand, and/or actual demand.”

Amazon has not yet publicly talked about the AFC, however looking at the patent it can be clearly seen that Amazon will turn this idea into a reality. It is thus possible that one day, Amazon drones—and airships—will be flying above, delivering products to folks around the globe.