Following an extensive development period that stretched across almost a decade, The Last Guardian is finally here.

History has taught us to be fairly cautious when it comes to games that have survived development hell. Over the course of time, the delayed title only increases in hype until people start expecting the impossible. This leaves the developer in a tough spot, having to revisit its original vision and hope that it’s enough to cater the hungry crowd.

The Last Guardian floats in a similar boat. Ten years is a long time and if rumors are correct, the project was even abandoned multiple times in-between. So, how does The Last Guardian fare with reviewers? Surprisingly, pretty good.

Early reviews from major publications have started pouring in and the game looks like a potential buy. The adventure of a young lad with his pet Chimera has earned high ratings from multiple sources.

Those who obtained a PlayStation 4 Pro for the upcoming holidays will be glad to know that The Last Guardian will receive a patch to help it run at 4K resolution. Hence, if you’re a owner of the new console upgrade and interested in the game, get the Pro version.

The Last Guardian is scheduled to release tomorrow in Japan and North America, a day later in Australia and Europe, and finally on December 9 in the United Kingdom; exclusively for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.