Resident Evil 7 Heavily Censored in Japan, Here’s How

The Japanese version of Resident Evil 7 is stripped off various assets, resulting in a more cleaner and less gory game for the native populace.

A new video released by Censored Gaming points out every little macabre detail that is present for the western audience but missing from the Japanese version.

In short, Capcom dialed back on the game’s horror aspect in numerous ways. Firstly, a lot of blood was removed from almost every part of the morbid mansion as well as from gameplay-induced injuries. Secondly, environmental assets were completely replaced with something more… pleasant. As an example, the mutated head found in the fridge (with fangs and slime) is simply replaced in the Japanese version by a photograph of an ordinary face with a large red X drawn across it.

Elsewhere, entire gameplay segments were removed. At one point, Ethan has to stick his entire forearm down a corpse’s throat to retrieve a key. However, in the Japanese version, he simply picks up the key from besides the corpse. Similarly, a scene where Jack Barker slices open the head of an officer was edited to ensure that the head doesn’t come off. A severed festering hand is covered in a black substance. Blood-smeared walls are replaced with graffiti.

Censorship in Japan is not uncommon. It is still a bit ironic when you consider that Resident Evil is solely a product of Japanese minds. It should be noted that The Evil Within, released in October 2014, was also stripped off its gore and horror elements for the Japanese people.

Resident Evil 7 received stellar reviews when it was released earlier this month. The series had grown stale for some years now. However, the new installment brings the true survival element back into play. Several fans of the series have voiced adoration for Capcom and how the series should be tackle from hereon.

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