According to another report by the Nikkei Asian Review, this year’s iPhone, dubbed iPhone 8, could sport curved OLED displays provided by Samsung, but they’ll be easily distinguishable from the usual curved displays available in the market.

Samsung Galaxy and Note smartphones are the first-choice handsets for users favoring curved OLED displays, and it was reported previously that Apple is set to enter that bracket with its latest iPhone this year. However, supply chain sources have apparently confirmed that although this year’s iPhone is set to be the first one with a curved display, its shape will not be as pronounced as the other options in the market, like from Samsung.

According to the Nikkei report, Samsung and Foxconn are the principle suppliers for the OLED display and the curved glass cover respectively, and Apple has opted for “mild” curves citing not only difficulties in construction, but also the issues it could face in making a curved glass cover for the iPhone. As such, the display features that come with a truly-curved display would also be missing on an iPhone with only mild curves, but they have been dismissed already as mostly marketing gimmicks rather than useful additions.

Some of the other rumored specs for the upcoming iPhone this year are an all-screen display larger than 5 inches, with the latest A11 chip, 3GB RAM, and wireless charging for the first time in iPhone. TouchID and FaceTime camera are already tipped to be embedded in the display at the front, and a 3D facial recognition system could also make its debut this year, if rumors are to be believed.