As pointed out by Siliconera, Game Freak has posted job listings for a new console development project for animation experts experienced with working on 3D CG models on Maya, which could be a Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch.
The staff recruitment ad reads “Here’s a chance to work on the development of a globally-popular RPG!”. As part of the requirement, the job requires the candidate to work on models of deformed characters, monsters, and item models. If that doesn’t scream Pokemon, then we don’t know what will!
There’s another job listing from Game Freak which requires character modelers for a new title, and both positions require experience on platforms like Nintendo’s WiiU and Sony’s PlayStation Vita. In short, both handheld consoles that closely-resemble the Switch, that could, as a result of Switch’s hybrid capability, mean that we could finally get to play Pokemon on a TV screen.
Nintendo Switch has seen a strong early reception, and most of the credit for its early success is being attributed to the smash-hit home-run that is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But Breath of the Wild on its own is only going to be an effective pull for Switch for so long; Nintendo is going to need more muscle in its arsenal if it’s going to attract buyers in the medium and long-term, and with third-party content still scarce with developers hesitant to work on Switch, a Pokemon game could easily become another major pull for potential Switch buyers. It is, after all, one of the most popular Nintendo exclusives of all time!
An updated version of Pokemon Sun/Moon has been touted as a possibility on Switch for now, and we’ll know more as progress is achieved on this end. It is safe to say that it’ll be hard for Nintendo to keep this quiet, even if it wanted to.