Nintendo’s first foray into mobile gaming, Super Mario Run, has been launched on Android OS ahead of its scheduled March 23 date. An announcement was made in the early hours of Thursday on the official Nintendo of America Twitter account, confirming the release of Mario on Android.

Super Mario Run was initially launched as an iOS exclusive at the iPhone 7 launch event last September, and it was subsequently announced that the game would be coming to Android sometime in the future. While no exact date was given at the time of correspondence, it was later revealed by Nintendo through the same Twitter account last Saturday that Super Mario Run on Android would be launched on Thursday, Match 23.

Therefore, it raised some eyebrows when Nintendo decided to spring a surprise and actually release Mario for Android a little ahead of schedule. But, as is the case on iOS, Super Mario Run is available as a free download on Android. Moreover, Trial versions on the World Tour, Toad Rally, and the Kingdom Builder modes are unlocked to play with single courses 1-1 to 1-4.

The rest of the levels, obviously, require the user to pay the one-time $9.99 free for the full version. It is one-time only because there are no micro-transactions, contrary to previous rumors. So, after what must have been a painful waiting period, eyeing their iOS counterparts enviously as they tapped their screens to send Mario jumping around in his red suit, it must be relief for Android users to be finally able to play it for themselves.