Rumors about Apple working on a device to compete with Amazon’s Alexa-based Echo has circulating once again, with Sonny Dickinson today posting on his official Twitter account that Apple is “finalizing designs” for its own take on a voice-powered speaker.

Ever since Amazon has launched its voice assistant Alexa, and the subsequent Echo that works with Alexa, Apple is also rumored to be looking at launching a similar device on its own that would be powered by its virtual assistant, Siri. It was in February earlier this year that Time’s Tim Bajarin claimed, after discussions with unnamed Apple executives, that Apple was not looking at its own voice-powered speaker device as it saw Siri as an omnipresent component across its family of devices, not with a central hub.

The report from Time followed the previous flurry of rumors that Apple is getting closer to recognizing its own vision for a voice-powered device similar to Echo, that would be the first new device since 2015 from Apple. Today, after Dickinson’s tweet, it looks like those unnamed executives could’ve been simply trying to smokescreen the whole affair with their statement, as he claims the Cupertino company is “finalizing designs” for its Siri speaker.

Developing central devices to compliment the voice assistants is now considered an industry standard; Amazon took the initiative with Echo powered by Alexa, Google launched its Home powered by the Google Assistant, and even Microsoft outlined its plans to take on Echo this year using a Windows 10-based approach and its Cortana. Now, it seems another major competitor is about to jump in the market, and its device would be marketedĀ as a Siri/AirPlay speaker that incorporates Beats technology and would run on some form of iOS.