Despite boasting the anti-tamper technology of Denuvo, Mass Effect: Andromeda has already been cracked and is available for free on file-sharing websites.

It took less than two weeks for one of the most highly anticipated games of the year to be broken down and thrown on the web. For some time now, popular hacking and cracking groups have been making claims that they are slowly understanding the workings of Denuvo. Previously, games were being eventually cracked but after a significant period of time. Mass Effect: Andromeda pretty much makes it apparent that Denuvo has lost its meaning.

The news will likely force other publishers to question whether there is any reason for them to continue using Denuvo for their upcoming games. Publishers are required to pay a certain sum in order to incorporate the anti-tamper technology. It should be noted that Denuvo doesn’t really guarantee that a game will not be cracked. It does, though, promise that the crack will arrive late. It goes without saying that less than two weeks of piracy-free will impress publishers.

Electronic Arts has not offered a statement over the crack. It will be interesting to see whether the publishing giant will abandon Denuvo in the future.

In February, Resident Evil 7 was also cracked in mere days of its release. In comparison, it was actually quicker than Andromeda.

“Please note that we always position our Anti-Tamper solution as hard to crack, not as uncrackable,” Denuvo marketing director Thomas Goebl told Eurogamer in a statement at the time. “So far only one piracy group has been able to bypass it.”

He assured that the Denuvo team will continue to improve its anti-piracy solution and create security updates for upcoming versions. The recent hacks have only allowed the developers to learn more about potential bypasses. These will be plugged in the near future.