Earlier this week, a rumor surfaced that 343 Industries is planning to release a “Halo 3 Anniversary” edition on PC this year.

Following a lot of speculation, community manager Brian Jarrard has explicitly confirmed on Reddit that the rumor is false. There are no plans to bring Halo 3 on PC, and neither is the developer involved in any anniversary makeover of the game.

“I’ve been here just about 6 months now and haven’t ever heard of one single mention of Halo 3 coming to Steam nor Halo 3 anniversary being made, ” he said. “In fact, it’s been completely debunked multiple times over. Sorry to say but there’s no plans nor any work underway to make this happen. (though personally I can’t deny it would be sweet).”

Rumors about the game surfaced after AMD used an illustration of Master Chief from Halo 3 to promote its new Vega technology at an exclusive Korean event last week. Many believed that 343 Industries was remastering the game for a ten-year anniversary release on PC. There is no telling as to why the hardware manufacturer chose to use Halo 3 for its promotional purposes. In light of the response from 343 Industries, it was likely a mistake on part of the red team.

While it is disappointing to know that Halo 3 will not be arriving on PC, do note that Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is now available for purchase on Steam. The original game was released only for consoles, making it one of the first real-time strategy games on consoles at the time. It focuses on the crew of the UNSC ship Spirit of Fire near the beginning of the Human-Covenant War, as the ship and her crew fight to stop the Covenant from taking control of a fleet of Forerunner ships.