For some time now, reports from South Korea and China have indicated that Apple’s decision to incorporate OLED displays in at least one of its iPhone models to be launched this year is turning into a nightmare scenario for suppliers. Today, a report from South Korea has indicated that keeping in mind the huge demand by Apple, principle OLED panel supplier Samsung is set to convert one of its LCD production facilities into OLED factories.

Earlier this year in February, it was reported that Samsung and Apple had signed a deal for 60 million OLED panels worth $4.3 billion. Later, that deal was reported to have been escalated due to increased projected demand to an additional 10 million panels, with the total hitting a massive 70 million OLED panels. The demand is, of course, related to the projected for the 10th anniversary edition “iPhone 8” that’s reported to sport an all-screen bezel-less display with the Home button with the fingerprint scanner as well as a front-facing camera and other sensors all integrated into the slightly-curved OLED panel.

As apparent by the rumored description of how Apple plans to incorporate all elements into its first-ever OLED display iPhone, Samsung is having to pull-out all stops to meet the demand on time. In order to ramp-up production, the South Korean tech giant is now having to turn one of its ASA LCD facilities into another conveyor belt for OLED panels that could make or break the iPhone 8 launch and release schedule.

It is due to the tight schedule and supply chain issues that there have been reports about a possible delay in either launch or release of iPhone 8. It seems like Samsung is under a lot of pressure from Apple to deliver in time, and it looks like doing everything in its hands to make sure that it does deliver.