We previously covered that Nvidia is working at 4K G-Sync HDR monitors. Now we have confirmation that ASUS and Acer will launch 3440×1440 @200Hz G-Sync supported gaming monitors later this year.

This was revealed by Nvidia at second day of Computex 2017 event. The 4K G-sync HDR monitors by ASUS and Acer Predator will sport AU Optronics LCD Panel, with peak brightness upto 1000nits. Since both monitors will have G-Sync technology, they will also feature Quantum Dot Enhancement Film Technology for impressive color output.

G-sync HDR Monitors

Nvidia tells about 4K G-Sync HDR Monitors at GeForce website that:

These new G-SYNC HDR monitors feature higher peak brightness for stunning, vivid visuals with bold saturated colors; tremendous contrast for richer, more natural dark scenes; and a wide gamut of colors close to the DCI-P3 cinema standard. With these and other advancements your favorite games, such as Mass Effect Andromeda and Shadow Warrior 2, will look more realistic than ever before, mesmerizing you with dazzling displays of color, brightness and contrast that were previously impossible to render.

That is all known so far on ASUS ROG Swift PG35HQ and ACER Predator X35 for now. Both monitors will come out later this year.