Zotac has announced GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Arctic Storm that comes with water cooling system.  The new variant by Zotac is not the most powerful GTX 1080 Ti, but, it does offer a water block with LEDs.

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At the very core of Arctic Storm edition, sits a GTX 1080Ti. The graphics card is fairly a stock, with 1506 base clock and 1620MHz as boost GPU clock. It has 11Gbps GDDR5X DRAM technology and comes with 3584 CUDA Cores.

Zotac’s GTX 1080 Ti Arctic Storm has water block with LED illumination, this is due to a technology called Spectra. The Spectra technology will ensure the best looking water cooling system on a GPU. The Water block has G 1/4 threads, it covers entire graphics card that will cool GPU, VRAM and VRMs simultaneously.

Further hardware specifications are detailed below:

  • Video memory 11GB GDDR5X
  • CUDA Core3584
  • Memory bus 352-bit
  • Clock frequency Base: 1506 MHz, Boost: 1620 MHz
  • Memory frequency 11.0 GHz
  • PCI Express 3.0
  • Recommended power supply 600W
  • Power Consumption 270W
  • Power Input Dual 8-pin
  • DirectX 12 API feature level 12_1
  • OpenGL 5
  • Cooling Waterblock – with G1 / 4 Threads
  • Slot sizes: Dual Slot
  • SLI: SLI HB Bridge SupportedGTX 1080 Ti Arctic Storm GTX 1080 Ti Arctic Storm GTX 1080 Ti Arctic Storm