With the start of this month, Nvidia has rolled out yet another hotfix 384.80 to fix some known and reported issues. Watch Dogs 2 startup crash fix is the key highlight of the recent Nvidia Hotfix 384.80 update.

The update primarily focuses on startup crash issue reported by many PC users while launching Watch Dogs 2 game. There is essentially no other fix the update brings this time, least it is not mentioned in official notes of Hotfix 384.80.

Watch Dogs 2 for PC version came out with extra optimizations, which was powered by Nvidia. Since then it was plagued with few performance issues. Nonetheless, the issues were removed periodically, over the lapse of updates, except the startup crash issue that has finally been addressed in recent Hotfix.

The Hotfix 384.80 became live on 4, July 2017 and is currently available for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. In any case if the update did not download on your desktop or laptop, you can visit the link here and download it manually based on you operating system.