Zotac has shown custom designed GTX 1080 Ti Extreme Plus OC version of reference graphics card GTX 1080 Ti. Zotac hails the marketing campaign with slogan of “beautiful, powerful, stable, affordable”.

Zotac aims to bring GTX 1080 Ti too affordable rates and recently we heard about a lower cost GPU coming to the Asian market. With Zotac showing GTX 1080 Ti Extreme Plus OC, we suspect the could be it; the cost effective gpu rumor.

Zotac is popularly known for custom designed graphics card in smaller form factor, which deliver the equal performance to the reference or full sized gpus. Zotac GTX 1080 Ti Extreme Plus OC edition features 3D cooling. The 3D cooling brings triple 120mm fan cooler upfront, while two smaller fans on the backplate for increased heat dissipation and air flow. See the image below to get an idea of 3D cooling.

GTX 1080 Ti Extreme Plus OC

Zotac GTX 1080 Ti Extreme Plus OC does not fancy some heavy RGB lighting, instead it comes with a decent white LED, lighting the brand logo.

At its core, a GTX 1080 Ti sits inside Zotac GTX 1080 Ti Extreme Plus OC that will take 8+6 power pin connectors to power up the GPU.

We know that Volta GPUs are slated to arrive next year, so AIB partners are left with Pascal based architecture GPUs to introduce new models.