According DigiTimes’ report, AMD will be launching its new processor lineup during February. The new series, codenamed “Pinnacle Ridge”, will succeed “Summit Ridge” Ryzen in 2018. The news comes from motherboard manufacturers who have been briefed on the upcoming product launch.

(via Videocardz)

A recent leak gave us more information about AMD’s CPU roadmap for the coming years. Next year will play host to the launch of Pinnacle Ridge in 2018, followed by “Matisse” in 2019 which will be based on next-generation Zen 2 cores. Pinnacle Ridge, although a new codename, is basically the same “Summit Ridge” architecture, albeit with a few improvements. In a recent Global Foundries Technology Conference, AMD confirmed that both Ryzen and Vega will be manufactured on the new 12nm LP process in 2018.

The product stack will follow a similar naming scheme: Pinnacle 7, Pinnacle 5 and Pinnacle 3. The new processors will come with new 400 series motherboards: X470, B450 and A420. Pinnacle 7 will be the first to hit the market with Pinnacle 5 and Pinnacle 3 following shortly in March.