A new report has surfaced regarding Battlefield V, the next in line for the Battlefield franchise. The report by VentureBeat states that a Battlefield Battle Royale prototype is being tested by DICE, the game’s developing studio.

It is important to note that the report has also mentioned that the mode is simply in the prototype stages, meaning its viability is still being tested. They may be working on it right now, but the final product may have no trace of it in the end; furthermore, the report also states that the studio will not be able to include Battle Royale in the final product regardless of whether or not they intend to.

This begs the question on how exactly Battle Royale will end up in the hands of the consumer, if it ever will. DICE has developed a positive reputation for supporting its titles post launch, so it will come to no surprise if the mode will be available for free; on the other hand, a Battle Royale mode is a very lucrative value addition to the game, so it could very well be a part of Battlefield Premium or a paid for DLC.

EA has refused to comment on the rumors about Battlefield V, and there is no expectation they will for quite a while.

Though Call of Duty will probably have its Battle Royale mode available to the public first, fans believe it will be more suitable in Battlefield V, which will no doubt include the series’ signature destructible environment, vehicles and grand environments.

It is becoming more and more clear that Battle Royale is going to become the next “Zombies” for video games. When zombies were once a prevalent trend among video games, they soon became stale and old, but not until it was properly milked by AAA studios all over. It is only a matter of time until the same happens to Battle Royale, but it is safe to assume it won’t be for quite a while, and EA knows it.