Ben Brode leaves Blizzard to pursue his own ambitions, leaving behind a substantial legacy and a rather big spot to fill. He worked on Hearthstone for 10 years out of his 15 year employment in Blizzard and is known as the public face for the game, leading the team and addressing the public as the game director.

The news was broken on a forum post by Ben Brode where he makes a powerful post detailing his positive experience with Blizzard. Though many people see Hearthstone as the child of Brode, he speaks about how a team of 80+ people made the game what it is today; hence, he feels as if he is leaving the game in more than capable hands.

“I was 20 years old when I started here. My first role was ‘Night Crew Game Tester,” wrote Brode. “Since then, Blizzard has been good to me. I got to cast esports events, announce BlizzCons, play in Rock Bands, write raps, and work with incredible people. But the biggest opportunity came in 2008 when I joined ‘Team 5.’ The Hearthstone Team.”

The team is known as Team 5 and Brode joined it in 2008; the team went on to create the ever so popular card game, Hearthstone.

With Hearthstone safe and sound with the team, Brode plans to open a new chapter in his life by creating his own studio. Though what exactly he will create is still unclear even to him, he knows that what he wants to create his own things again.

Working for a large corporation like Blizzard doesn’t provide opportunities for people like Brode to express themselves and their creativity in the form of their creations, so he hopes he will be able to do so in a place where the stakes aren’t as high.

Hopefully we will see great things to come from Brode, and with a ton of experience from a successful company like Blizzard, it will come to no surprise if we do.