In the coming future, Xbox One users will be able to link their accounts to create a bridge between the users of both platforms. Xbox One players will then be able to share what they’re playing for Discord users to see, granting opportunities to play and bond with strangers.

The partnership allows Discord users to have a centralized social media to show users across all platforms what they’re playing. The linking of accounts will show an in-game status below a username stating what particular game that particular person is playing and on what platform.

Discord also allows users to display their username from their platform of choice; for example, Twitch streamers or users can display their respective names.

There isn’t much else to see from the partnership currently but Microsoft have stated that they are excited to explore new methods for gamers to connect with each other online, suggesting that there will be new developments from the partnership.

Regardless, until something is confirmed under the works, there is nothing else we can expect from the two in the near future; however, it is still useful for players as well as the business to give more incentives to remaining active on the Discord platform.

Discord have showcased some unique features in the previous year; in particular, Discord will allow players to directly join their friends in a game. This will allow for easily creatable lobbies in-game for friends or other Discord users to instantly join and play, as long as the game supports multiplayer lobbies. Examples of such games include Rainbow Six: Siege and Call of Duty:WWII.

With moves like these, Discord is clearly trying to move more and more towards expanding their service for all sorts of people with a common interest in the form of gaming. The next logical move is most definitely to connect the console community to their online social media platform and expand their horizons to the largest gaming userbase they’ve ever been exposed to.