Valve, the publisher and developer of the ever so popular Dota 2, has announced that they would stop making changes to the game before or during the Pro Circuit Majors. Typically these patches would hit the game every two weeks, but the schedule would be suspended for the sake of any esport Majors in the future.

The announcement was made over the official Dota 2 twitter account, the team stating that they would update their game only after the event that caused the postponing of any pending updates would come to an end.

Patches for a competitive game like Dota 2 would entail balance changes that can have drastic effects on the way the game is played. This prompted several complaints from the community as well as professionals playing in tournaments since people would not have time to adapt to the changes beforehand.

This scenario became a reality during the release of Patch 7.14 last Thursday, which was right before when Epicenter XL, a Major, was about to start. The patch itself was very large, changing the game substantially with a slew of changes to heroes and items.

Though previously Dota 2 was able to run on older version, the September 2015 update to the game removed the ability to do so with the removal of the Tournament Mode from the game. The repercussions of such an action has come to fruition today, though complaints have persisted since the eventful day back in 2015.

Valve has finally addressed the problem by delaying its updates when necessary, but Minors will still be susceptible to patch changes.
It is important to note that the public games will also not be receiving updates during Majors, but players would probably gladly take a delayed update over an inconsistent competitive scene.