Fortnite developer “EpicEricSW” posted on Fortnite’s official subreddit about a detailed list of changes they have planned for their game. The team expressed that they hoped to provide clarity regarding the changes they have planned for the game.

The first issue tackled by the team in the reddit post was peeking, in particular regards to a bug introduced by Fortnite v3.5. The bug would cause players to shoot their own structures/cover from which they would peek, causing enough frustration to warrant a fix as soon as possible.

The inception of this bug came as a result of a fix for another bug that plagued Fortnite v3.4. The team plans to rollback the changes in v3.5.2 coming this week and hope to tackle the original bug from v3.4 in another manner.

The second issue were the recently introduced weapon equip times designed to prevent people from shooting with their currently equipped weapon and then immediately switching to another for a quick shot, repeating as many times as necessary for a bloodied and defeated opponent.

The team plans to remove the weapon equip times for snipers and crossbows since they do not benefit as much as other weapons like shotguns. Weapon equip animation changes are also in the works.

Last but not least, the Guided Missile is yet again at the forefront of many a discussion. People have rightfully complained about the strength and fairness of the extremely powerful weapon which can unleash fatal destruction from the safety of your defensive fortification. The Fortnite team’s response was to remove the guided missile from the game until a solution can be figured out.

The Guided Missile reminds me of the Smart Pistol from another game, Titanfall, which also faced a significant amount of controversy. The pistol allowed players to lock on to other players’ heads, basically utilizing an aimbot to unleash one click kills.

A lot of games seem to like introducing “noobtubes”, weapons that allow newer and less skilled players to be able to enjoy the pleasure of killing others in a video game. Let’s hope that Fortnite find a balance for their players, who can take solace at least in the fact that the developers are aware of their concerns.