Fortnite Mobile makes over $25 million for the first month, $500 million projected in 2018

Fortnite amazingly made over $25 million in the month of its launch despite being invite only for the first two weeks. The iOS app launched in the middle of March and was only accessible to those who had signed up for an invite. The official release was on April 1, which is when it was made available for download to all.

The data on the revenue generated by Fortnite Mobile was disclosed by mobile data blog Sensor Tower. Fortnite is shown just below Netflix in revenue generated and above giants like Youtube.
The game on mobile follows a free to play model, generating most of its revenue through in game cosmetics in the form of skins and emotes purchasable through in game currency known as “V-Bucks”.

The model is clearly working as players have been giving away enough money for Fortnite to make a killing on just iOS; we can only imagine what sort of havoc can be raised with its release on Android.

Sensor Tower has also stated that in the time Fortnite Mobile was available for all in the first month of its release, from April 1 to 15, it has made $9.5 million. This crazy high revenue was 1.5 times as much as the next top game on mobile, Candy Crush.

Epic Games has not yet stated when the game will be available for Android devices on Google Play, but it is expected that they will aim for a summer release. Sensor Tower reports that with the current growth and hype around Fortnite as well as a summer Google Store release, the game could cross $500 million in terms of revenue generation.

Games on mobile are increasingly doing well and Fortnite is a testament to the very fact. We will continue to see greater audiences for games on mobile as more and more technically advanced games are optimized to perform well on the platform, especially since the tech behind phones is also getting more and more advanced.

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