If Battlefield 1 Battlepacks interest you then logging in anytime until May 3 will get you 10 free Ultimate Revision Battlepacks. The announcement was made over the official Battlefield twitter.

Initially the tweet stated that you could log in anytime until May 7 but it was deleted and reposted with the updated date.

This pleasant surprise comes after an update to the game a few days ago. The update primarily dealt with bug fixes and small tweaks. Some balance changes were also made to some maps and additional optimization were made to the user interface. One particular improvement was made to the loading time for the soldier customization screen.

Battlefield 1 Battlepacks include cosmetic additions to your character such as skins for weapons and weapon mods. Battlefield 1 Battlepacks were introduced in a time where lootboxes were all the craze, with games like Overwatch introducing them to the mainstream PC audience; however, such items were inspired by business models that mobile games would adapt.

Lootboxes such as the Battlefield 1 Battlepacks would be rather prevalent in mobile games, though they would contain items that would give a substantial advantage within the game. The community for major AAA games have been rioting against such business models on their competitive platforms in recent times; games like EA’s Battlefront 2 have faced major public backlashes for moving more and more towards a mobile like business model.

Thankfully the Battlefield 1 Battlepacks are not so intrusive to the gameplay experience, thought they definitely are intrusive to a player’s wallet.

It is important to note that monthly Battlefield 1 updates will only be made until June 2018, when presumably much of the manpower and focus will be shifted to Battlefield V.

In other news for Battlefield 1, a set of never before seen weapons were discovered by some people datamining the game’s files. Whether or not they will make it into the game remains to be seen.