Riot Games have showcased a video for the MSI (Mid-Season Invitational) which surprised many fans with its contents. The video turned out to tease the next new league of legends champion to arrive in the ever so popular multiplayer game.

The video features several stills of champions alongside famously skilled professional players known to use said champions in the big stage. The champions would go on to perform feats they would be expected to in-game, such as Elise smiting the Baron Nashor for a successful kill. It would be more realistic if she smited the creature and a Lee Sin from the enemy team finished the Baron off, at least if it were my games.

Towards the end of the video, we see a Janna near the beach and a terrifying creature lurking in the waters, whom we suspect is the new League of Legends champion. This ties in to the teaser Riot Games released last week in the latest Champion Roadmap where a grim and dark champion was promised; hence, it wouldn’t be surprising if the creature merely surfaced to make a quick meal out of the support champion.

The new League of Legends champion also featured nautical themes in the teaser last week, suggesting that the creature’s home is the dark depths of the sea. As someone who has played XCOM Terrors of the Deep, I can certainly understand why Riot Games believes a dark and aggressive theme would find itself in a creature of the deep waters.

Hopefully the new League of Legends champion will be just as terrifying in the Rift as he is in these teasers; however, it will be some time before we find out as we don’t even know exactly what this mysterious beast looks like. Maybe we will find out more when MSI arrives for viewers to enjoy.