Fortnite was brought down yesterday to update the game to Season 4, an unexpected event considering that only two days ago Epic Games released a tweet on the official Fortnite twitter account stating that Season 4 was “coming soon”. They certainly weren’t lying, but it was still far more sooner than everything else those two words are used for, especially when no official release date is confirmed.

Nonetheless, players have found what they were expecting with four new spectacular skins, balance changes, the new battle pass and the impact of a monstrous comet upon the world. The teaser released two days ago also showed the impact of the crater, but it wasn’t certain where exactly it hit.

In person, or rather in virtual person, we can see that instead of the assumed target, Tilted Towers, the meteor has struck Dusty Depot and reduced it into a pile of rubble amidst the crater with a construction site now over it. Funnily enough, the location is also renamed to Dusty Divot from Dusty Depot.

Though Tilted Towers avoided a direct impact from the large comet, it was still hit and slightly changed as a result of the disastrous event in Fortnite. Other small locations have also been slightly altered to reflect the damage caused by smaller meteors breaking off of the comet as it entered the planet’s atmosphere.

A new area called Risky Reels was added to the north of Wailing Woods for players to explore. Another addition to Fortnite thanks to Season 4 is an item called Hop Rocks which allows players to defy gravity, to an extent.

The item can be found in the center of Dusty Divot, suggesting that its origin is from the comet itself. The area is currently extremely hot from all the attention, and as a result, very dangerous for players to traverse in hopes of retrieving the Hop Rocks.

The patch notes for Season 4 of Fortnite can be found here, happy hunting!