New League of Legends Pulsefire Skins for Shen, Riven and Twisted Fate

The official League of Legends Twitter showcased teasers of inbound Pulsefire skins for the upcoming patch 8.10. The champions to be blessed with the very popular theme will be Shen, Riven and Twisted Fate.

The Pulsefire theme is all about rebranding the default, bland skins of champions into a more futuristic and sci-fi aesthetic. Pulsefire skins typically have their signature metallic armor powered by blue hued orbs that reimagine the champion and redesign their abilities to portray a more futuristic and cyborg-esque outlook.

Curiously, Twisted Fate now has a bowler cap, though his coat is now completely enhanced thanks to the Pulsefire theme; also, Shen has the top half of his head completely bare for the first time, showing viewers his dashing hair and piercing blue Pulsefire eyes to seduce players into purchasing the skin.

These League of Legends skins are to cost 1350 RP, a slightly higher price than the ordinary skin. The reason behind this is due to the fact that Pulsefire skins are not just a color palette swap. Champions are remodeled and are given new voice lines, ability animations and special effects.

Another interesting tidbit is the fact that Shen is finally getting a new skin since 2013 when he received the TPA skin. The only reason he did back then was because TPA won the world championship with the champion, forcing Riot’s hand to include his skin in League of Legends. Shen mains can now rest assured that Riot’s negligence of Shen’s cosmetics has now come to an end with a rather fantastic new entry to his aesthetic repertoire.

Players have noticed that the new models were duking it out in a new setting entirely, but a Rioter has stated that it was created simply to show off new skins, like a catwalk for fashion models.

So, which ones are you buying?

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