There are typically two ways to surrender a game in League of Legends. You can either have a unanimous decision to surrender (requiring all 5 votes) at 15 minutes or have a strong majority vote to surrender after 20 minutes elapse.

Riot has posted on its official forums a plan to consolidate the surrender to option to simply have the majority vote requirement after 15 minutes have passed, i.e. four votes out of five are needed to pass the surrender vote.

The plan will be initially tested on the Oceanic server as early as sometime this week, and if all goes well, Riot will have the new surrendering rule implemented across the rest of the League of Legends servers.

The unanimous vote requirement was put in place to allow teams to forfeit games they believe completely lost while hampering demoralized teams from making a rash decision to give up under duress.

According to Riot, most teams end up surrendering 5 minutes later after a failed 15 minute unanimous vote. Their data shows that players are typically confident in their decisions, or simply consistently irrational; regardless, Riot Games does not wish to have games drag out for any longer than players want them to.

It is for that reason that the unanimous rule for surrendering is being lifted, ensuring that games are more fun than they are frustrating. Only time will tell if this decision will help achieve the objective in consideration instead of simply ending potentially winnable games prematurely.

Among this rather significant change are other game changing modifications to League of Legends thanks to the mid-season update coming soon in about two weeks or so in the form of Patch 8.10.

Other contents of the patch include changes to the core mechanics of jungling, meta-changing nerfs for the ADC, bounty changes, new runes and new items.