The new Infinity Edge has arrived on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for League of Legends and has many players shivering in their pants. The item had always been a significant power spike for champions, but Riot Games have decided to make it become the ultimate power spike.

Unsurprisingly, players believe that Riot has gone too far because, objectively speaking, the Infinity Edge seems to be in parallel to the Infinity Gauntlet from the Marvel Universe in terms of sheer power. Not only does the item have 10 more attack damage than it used to in League of Legends, it also doubles the critical chance rating you have prior to purchasing the item.

If that’s not enough, Riot has also decided to convert 20% of the damage from a critical strike damage into True damage, which is damage that completely negates armor; thus, it comes to no surprise that players think that the item is overtuned.

Funnily enough, Riot Games have previously stated in their forums that they intend to significantly nerf the ADC role, going as far as to say that they intend to enable champions of the role to expand their horizons beyond the typical crit build to help spice up the League of Legends games ADC mains play.

There seems to be a disparity in goals between departments within Riot Games considering how much in conflict the actions are in with the official announcements. Other items are more in line with their goal as they help enable other types of builds for ADC, but they are overshadowed by the might of the current Infinity Edge.

The Infinity Edge has showcased its power to player in-game, and their voices are most assuredly being held considering how loud they are due to the current state of League of Legends in the PBE servers; hence, it is very likely that the item will be tuned down before its release to the greater public in Patch 8.10 due in about two weeks or so.