Players of League of Legends were surprised to find a new skin for the infamous Teemo, called Beemo, when Patch 8.9 was released. The skin was never announced or teased before hitting the public servers and was even missing from the Public Beta Environment (PBE) before the patch was launched, surprising unsuspecting players.

The skin is a completely bee-themed as Teemo bee-comes Beemo for all buyers to enjoy. It is priced at 1350 RP, a slightly higher price than ordinary skins.

The reason for this is because Teemo is given a host of different features to substitute the default skin. In particular, Beemo has new voice lines, ability animations and a new model. As if just playing Teemo isn’t a sufficient enough stinging experience for your opponents, buy and play Beemo to get a slew of bee-themed abilities like beehives for mushrooms.

This is League of Legends second bee-themed skin released just in time for spring; the second being the one and only Beekeeper Singed. We are very curious to see if the beekeeper has what it takes to catch the little Beemo, though knowing Singed, it is more likely that Beemo will be goaded into chasing the similarly pesky champion.

Beemo is the tenth skin that Teemo has gotten over the years of his stay in League of Legends. His previous skin is the Little Devil Teemo which was released in October 2016. Teemo is up there with champions that have the most number of skins, but that is probably because his skins tend to sell well considering how cute he is.

A very popular skin of Teemo’s is him in a bunny suit, so this is the second time Teemo is looking adorable in another animal costume; however, don’t let his looks deceive you, he is out to kill you. Stay safe in the Rift, Summoner; the new skin will undoubtedly unleash a lot of Beemos to infest the top lane. Don’t be afraid to call pest control if need be, I hear they usually reside in the jungle.