Nvidia’s RTX 4090: Palit GameRock Receives First Price Guidance: Sources

Nvidia’s RTX 4000 series has been at the forefront of multiple rumors and news pieces as Nvidia’s GTC 2022 presentation closes (its due for 20th Sept) in on us. The RTX 4090 is expected to be the center of such an event. It is expected to feature a full 24GB of GDDR6X and command a TGP (Total Graphics Power) of 450W. As it gets closer to its official unveiling, more leaks have surfaced including some from Zotac which showed its first look at the RTX 4090 about 3 days ago. There however has not been any clear-cut pricing indication until now which would indicate where the RTX 4090 sits in terms of a price point for the next generation of Nvidia’s ADA lovelace lineup.

First images of Zotac’s new RTX 4090 SKU expected to be on sale later this month.

News however has emerged from the UAE regarding price guidance for the RTX 4090, specifically the Palit GameRock variant which is at the upper end of Palit’s offerings. It is expected to cost $1900 ex-VAT and $2100 inclusive of VAT for distributors/dealers with MSRP expected to be around the $2200-2300 mark for retail end consumers with an ex-duty offer price of 7000 AED (~$1905). It must however be noted that this could be pricing at a higher end for what is seen as a relatively premium brand with the GameRock and GameRock OC variants doing particularly well last generation with highly rated coolers and stable clocks, making them a favorite for miners and end-users alike especially in the Asia region where it enjoys considerably much more brand recognition and value.

More leaks obviously, are expected as the RTX 4090 nears its first official showcase in GTC 2022 but it is clear it is expected to be priced at sub $2,000 for the base variants and more for premium variants especially considering the fact that the UAE happens to be a relative tax haven that only applies a flat 5% VAT and similar customs duty on all imports which would factor in considerably compared to other markets which tend to charge significantly more in terms of taxes and duties.


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