Microsoft Corp. Readies AI-Centric Secure Cybersecurity Event as Azure in Focus

As the world continues to focus in great detail on AI and the ramifications of a post-ChatGPT era of multiple AI-based tools emerging in the limelight, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) is taking things a step further. Microsoft has security in its crosshairs setting up to build further on its large $10 billion OpenAI investment. This is in addition to two earlier investments in the AI lab that saw it drop $1 billion into the startup to ensure it essentially got exclusivity on the cloud computing resources used by OpenAI. Microsoft’s Azure platform seems to be in focus yet again as it sees a relatively rare win being potentially used to even the playing field versus Cloud platform giant AWS from Amazon. Microsoft has been making inroads over time as it has increased its market share from 11.2% of the entire market in Q1 2018 to significantly higher 21% in Q1 2022, doubling its market share as a percentage of the total market which is expected to grow to a 2.5x multiple in the next five years. It does make sense that Microsoft is pushing Azure as the cloud platform of choice along with OpenAI, which while following a non-profit structure is bound somewhat to Microsoft until it pays back the investment the tech giant has made to sustain its research.

OpenAI seems to have ushered in a gold rush for applications similar to its chatGPT platform but not all solutions have the same level of accuracy

Cybersecurity is however an ongoing concern and with AI taking center stage for most of Silicon Valley, it is expected to feature even more prominently in the coming days both as a solution to some of the challenges faced by modern cloud-based solutions as well as a potential security risk, something Microsoft is keen to address as it continues to lead from the front both via Azure for cloud-based AI solutions, as well as via OpenAI where it recently integrated chatGPT to its Bing search engine.

Microsoft seems to push no-holds-bared towards assimilating AI solutions to its core business even as AI becomes the hottest buzzword on Wall Street. This, when considered against the fact that search engine giant Google/Alphabet recently had a sizeable hemorrhage of share value that saw over $100 billion of shareholder value erased as it headed to nearly 8% lower on reports that its upcoming chatbot, Bard botched its replies in a promotional video. Alphabet was considered one of the key players in AI but might have been upended by a thinner and leaner player in the shape of OpenAI. OpenAI which sees multiple investors already has Microsoft setting itself up as a 49% owner of the AI lab thanks to a deal it made last month.

A promotional email by Microsoft informing potential stakeholders about its upcoming Microsoft Secure event

The cybersecurity event, which is called Microsoft Secure centers around discussions with heavy hitters from Microsoft talking about their expectations for an AI-driven future and the potential challenges around it. Microsoft will have multiple speakers including Vasu Jakkal, Bret Arsenault, Charlie Bell, and Joy Chik.
This will be followed up by a live chat Q&A session which is expected to revolve around Microsoft’s current AI objectives and future plans.

Vasu Jakkal currently serves as the Corporate Vice President at Microsoft for Security, Compliance & Identity while Charlie Bell serves as the Executive Vice President for the same divisions. Bret Arsenault is the Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at Microsoft while Joy Chik is currently a President at Microsoft, overseeing its Identity and Network Access divisions. The event is set to kick off on March 28, 2023, at 8:30 AM Pacific Time (UTC-08:00). Interested viewers and industry players can register directly on the Microsoft site.


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