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The Flash: A New Hope For The DCEU?

With the Flash movie trailer dropping on February 13th, it looks like the newest DC movie will be coming out on the 16th of June of this year. And with it, if successful, we might just be seeing a whole new direction that the DC extended universe will be taking. With James Gunn at the head, DC is aiming to create its own series of interconnected superhero films, but it looks like DC has its hopes set on The Flash being the first of said movies. So, will The Flash be the lifeboat that keeps DC afloat or will it be another hole in an already sinking ship?

Let’s see how the trailer looks and what it has in store for fans.

Trailer Breakdown

The trailer seems to indicate that Barry Allen played by Ezra Miller has gone back through time and changed the future to save his mother. Showing that the movie will most likely be following the flashpoint paradox concept which has already been adapted into an animated cartoon movie previously. Of course, anyone who has seen the trailer and the animated movie knows that the story will not be following it all the way. As we can see there are 2 flashes this time around, which is an interesting way to go and will also be bringing back General Zod too, most likely taking over the role of main villain with Michael Shannon playing him. Indicating that Superman is not around this time to stop his rampage and will be left up to The Flash to defeat him. And to help him defeat General Zod we will also see the new Supergirl played by Sash Calle and Batman played by Michael Keaton who has already played the role of Batman in Batman (1989) and The Batman Returns (1992), which long time fans will be dying to see.

The trailer itself does a good job of getting fans of the DC hyped for the movie and bringing back Michael Keaton might just bring old fans running to see the movie in theaters. Of course, there will be those who will be quick to point out that bringing back Keaton feels more like Nostalgia bait than anything else. And nostalgia bait is not the only problem fans are having with the movie. DC hasn’t done themselves any favors keeping Ezra Miller as the main actor in this movie either. With Ezra being in the public eye for his troubles with the law, fans had already given up on the movie getting made. And now knowing that Ezra Miller will be playing Barry Allen, fans are becoming more and more divided about whether to watch the movie or not.

Will The Flash Live up to Fans And DC Studio’s Expectations?

While fans have been waiting for the Flash movie since 2014 when Ezra Miller was first chosen for the role of Barry Allen. There was only gossip and whispers in the wind about a Flash movie being made and now almost 9 years later we are finally getting one. But, with such a delay most fans are already facing superhero fatigue and with Ezra Miller showing up in the news for breaking the law as well as domestic abuse cases, fans of The Flash are already on edge about whether the movie will be worth it or not. The trailer itself is getting rave reviews and has most fans excited, the end product, and if Ezra can keep his name out of the papers till June, will decide if the movie is successful or not.

The budget for the movie itself is said to be around $200 million but considering the movie was most likely in limbo for some years, DC has most likely put much more than $200 million into this movie and will be aiming for the movie to be a box-office hit. Looking at The Flash as the beacon of hope that they can use as the turning point for DC and their live-action superhero movies. Of course, only time will tell whether the movie will be loved or hated by fans and will probably signal to go ahead with the plan they already have in mind or possibly go back to the drawing board depending on the outcome.



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Qayum Naqvi
Qayum Naqvi
1 month ago

Loved the trailer and also heard rumors about Christian Bale Appearance I hope it’s true lol. Although trailer was very nice.

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