Horizon Forbidden West leads PS Plus Extra/Premium for the month of February

The tradition continues with Sony about to announce PS plus premium/extra games for the month of February in a few hours. These games are usually announced on the third Wednesday of the month but happen to leak hours before their official announcement. Same is the case with this month’s announcements. Popular leaker who goes by the name of Bilbil-kun has once again leaked a few games before their official announcement. These include a major first party title Horizon Forbidden West and some AAA games like Scarlet Nexus, Resident Evil 7 and Borderlands 3. All of these games will be included with the PS Plus extra tier with more games to be announced today.

Horizon Forbidden West was released last year on 18th February with critical acclaim. We at Techdrake also believe it is one of the best Sony first party games with a great open world to explore and huge enemy variety. Combat is amazingly satisfying and the campaign is meaty with 30+ hours of content to sick your teeth into. The game runs surprisingly well on PS5 and is a true showcase for the console. Seeing such a high profile title making its way into PS Plus subscription in just one year is surprising to say the least and a welcome addition for the subscribers who still haven’t played the game.

Courtesy: Digital Foundry

This seems like a smart move on Sony’s side as the new Horizon game titled Horizon Call of the Mountain will be releasing on 22nd February exclusively on PS VR2. People who have never tried Horizon franchise can now try both games on Sony’s ps plus subscription before jumping into the new adventure.

Courtesy: Guerilla Games/SCEA

If the leak is to be believed, all of the games will come with both PS5 and PS4 versions. Resident Evil 7 recently got a PS5 upgrade so it is a very welcome addition. The games will be available on 21st February with the rest of the announcements. Keep an eye out for our coverage when the official batch is announced by Sony Entertainment.

Courtesy: Digital Foundry


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