Expectations for Pokemon Day 2023

February 27th is the day that looks to be full of upcoming news for Pokemon with a brand new video that just got announced. It’s been a relatively calm time since the release of Gen 9 titles Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in November 2023, but it looks like the hype is again starting to build up for what the future holds for the franchise.

The franchise is in almost every form of media out there, with each place looking to get some form of news and updates on Pokemon Day. The video shows the main sects of the franchise, which are the video games, the TCG, and the anime. There could be some brand-new announcements coming as well.

The #PokemonTogether hashtag is in the latest video for Pokemon Day 2023.

Looking at the videogame titles, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have done immensely well and have surpassed 20 million units sold worldwide before the start of 2023. This made the new titles Nintendo fastest-selling titles ever, and the fastest-selling Pokemon titles to date. The release window did come with a few technical issues where the game had frequent frame-rate drops, bugs and glitches, but it wasn’t enough for the Pokemon community to buy the newest mainline videogame titles. The games offer a full-fledged open world in the form of the Paldea Region for players to explore, many new additions of Pokemon species that have finally crossed the 1000 mark, Story-Paths, brand new characters, and much more. It might be the case that new content could get announced on Pokemon Day for the Gen 9 titles, maybe even DLC, aside from the February Update that was announced to come with fixes for the bugs and performance issues of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Aside from Scarlet and Violet, older titles on the Switch such as Pokemon Legends: Arceus also reached more than 14 million units sold before the start of 2023. The game is still considered to be a great Pokemon title by fans for its past Hisui Region theme and is still being enjoyed by many players.

Also to note is the previous announcement in the Nintendo Direct that showcased Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games coming to Nintendo Switch Online. It might be the case that older Pokemon titles from the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance might also be coming to Nintendo’s online service, as the Direct did not cover nor show any of the older Game Boy or Game Boy Advance Pokemon titles.

The mobile titles are also getting frequent updates, with Pokemon GO just concluding its Valentine’s Day Event and heading towards its special Hoenn Region-themed Pokemon GO Tour coming ahead. There could be news coming ahead as well. Pokemon Masters EX is also getting regular updates with the newest antagonist story getting added. Other titles such as Pokemon Cafe ReMix is getting popular among mobile users too. Overall, every Pokemon title for mobiles could get some brand-new content as we head towards Pokemon Day.

The TCG is changing as well, with rarity numbers now looking to get matched with the Japanese TCG. The English version of Pokemon cards is also looking to get their yellow borders turned into silver, the same as with the Japanese version ones.

The anime looks to be the biggest change that is coming ahead, with Ash’s journey for the past 24 years finally concluding. His final arc in the anime is now running, called Pokemon: Aim to be a Pokemon Master, where old friends are coming back together to take Ash’s story further towards the newest announcement; the brand new Pokemon Anime with a brand new female Protagonist starting her journey in the Paldea Region. There can be many new announcements coming ahead regarding the anime, the TCG, the video games, and overall the whole Pokemon franchise and what they have in store for fans in the future.

Artwork for the new upcoming Pokemon Anime, featuring the new main Female Protagonist and the other leading Male Protagonist with the Paldean Starter Pokemon.

To speak of older announcements, Pokemon Sleep is still yet untouched ever since its announcement a long time ago. There has also been news of a Detective Pikachu videogame title and a movie in the works, and no news of those for a while now too, so these could be talked upon and finally announced as well.

There might even be brand new announcements previously never talked about. It’s not a smooth streak that Pokemon Day always goes by without any big news or announcements, like previous ones covering Pokemon Anniversaries and more. This year’s Pokemon Day might have surprises behind the curtain, a Pokemon Presents video announcement might not be too far off either which would overlap the special day.

Head on over to the main Pokemon website where they’ve announced Pokemon Day 2023 for more information on everything Pokemon.


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[…] give a view on what to expect, we’ve made a full article on what fans can hope for Pokemon Day. The Pokemon Presents announcement does come as a hype-bringer, adding to the many previous news […]

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