Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Best Places to Explore

The ninth Pokemon generation is upon us after an astounding release window for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that broke records, the newest titles finally upholding a true open-world experience that Pokemon fans have been wanting for a long long time. It’s been almost a full 3 months since their release in November 2022, and the fanbase has shown their support for the games as the sales units already crossed 20 million before the start of 2023. Despite the bugs and technical performance issues which were stated to be addressed later this month, the game offers a full new lineup of Paldea Pokemon in the new fully explorable Paldea region.

The whole world is full of many hidden locations with many rewards including places to find rare Pokemon and much more, so what we have done is we’ve tried to list over here the best places that new players can look to make their gameplay more thorough, surprising, enjoyable and more fun. We’ve taken some steps to avoid giving any major story spoilers or moments that you wish you’d experience out of the blue.

The Beginning:

Right at the beginning of the game in the Southern Province, you’ll first get done with the basics of the gameplay and the usual Pokemon plot where you choose your partner Pokemon. Right after that, before you reach the main city, you’ll actually have the chance to explore the Eastern side of Area One which has a whole variety of Pokemon, TMs, more items and other rewards. This would actually look to be the first experience of many fans that are playing the game, and this comes as an important place because this is the primary view of the whole game as an open-world Pokemon title. GameFreak actually made it worthwhile to explore any place on the map as you’ll get a whole variety of Pokemon to catch, so you might even end up getting a full party of six Pokemon before you even reach the first city. Pokemon Legends: Arceus did its world amazingly as well, but it still considers itself to be more of a fixed place rather than a fully joint whole open-world. The same Area One will showcase many coincidences and plot points that are essential for players to get completely immersed in the game and the newest region of Pokemon. You’ll find Pokemon everywhere, in the sky, on trees, in water bodies, on cliffs, beneath bridges, and even on signposts.

Take your time to be thorough and explore to your heart’s content right away without any waiting.


This is the hub of your whole adventure, the biggest city lying almost at the very centre of the whole map and the place that has your Academy. This will be one of the most important places to get familiar with, as there are regular events happening here throughout your game progress. There are also many varieties of places throughout the city such as Food Stalls, Restaurants, Sandwich Places, Accessory Shops, Hair Salons, and most importantly, your Academy where you take classes and learn about the Paldea region.

Your Academy itself is a huge place, one that you’ll get to explore thoroughly at every part of your game. Be sure to take your classes and return every once in a while back here.

The Cities:

Although mostly lacking in terms of Pokemon variety, the cities are all important stops to visit through your journey in Paldea. Mainly covering the Pokemon Gym Challenges, the cities also offer you many other interactions that give you rewards and items. These are also the places that have Accessory shops where you can buy and customize your look. These places will give you some essential options to make your experience better, so be sure to explore every town you visit and speak to the locality.

After Learning Swimming:

After you’ve unlocked the swimming option within the game, you’ll be able to venture to far-off places such as small Islands in Paldea. Remember, this is an open-world title, and if you think you are seeing some odd location on the map, you can potentially reach and explore it. There are Islands throughout Paldea but most Islands are found to the West and North-West of the Western Province. There are many secrets and rewards hidden throughout the world so be a keen explorer as you progress ahead in the game.

Glaseado Mountain North and South:

Although a bit later into the game, the Glaseado Mountain offers you a challenge, its rewards are better as well. You’ll find many kinds of rare Pokemon if you explore it thoroughly, including uncovering many hidden secrets as well that’ll make it worthwhile for you to check every nook and cranny. Be sure to explore areas between different terrains as well such as the bordering places between the Glaseado Mountain and the Eastern Provine, as well as the Western Province towards its West. You’ll also get a great look at the newest Pokemon generation, and how the map has a whole variety of great-looking biomes/environments, in terms of Pokemon graphics I mean.

Do note that the further you go from the lower centre of the map, the better the place. This is why the Northern part of the map holds the most rewards and secrets.

The Great Crater of Paldea:

Everyone that opens up the map inside the game sees the very centre of the map still uncharted. Being in the middle of the whole region, this mysterious misty area is still yet undiscovered and hints at many secrets. Maybe not yet, but when there does come news of what lies in this place, it will surely be a place with mystery, adventure and allure, and worth venturing off to.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been made in the sense that the plot sequence would directly climb with gradual exploration. Hence it is one of the most basic aspects of the game, the three Story Paths taking you further and further towards uncharted territory. Each path has you approach sectors differently adding directly to the open-world enjoyment. The game does good to give you an experience that truly makes you feel immersed in the open-world all while progressing forward towards the intended end.

Overall, the whole world of Paldea has been given time and effort to come to life by the developers. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s brand new region consists of many new secrets still yet to be discovered, and the whole world is huge, so people can look to put in hours of gameplay if they want to fully explore every part of the whole region. Overall, the game gives you ample room to grow and even push through with your own unique direction, and it does well to make it worthwhile for curious trainers to keep a lookout for anything strange beyond the corner of their screen.

If you’d like a more intricate view of the game, head over to their official website. Pokemon Day is just around the corner, so if you’re a Pokemon fan, be sure to keep an eye out for anything new coming for Pokemon.


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Arsalan Iqbal
Arsalan Iqbal
7 months ago

Been playing this game and absolutely these are some of the best places to explore and get the best out of this game.


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