Pokemon GO Tour Global Gameplay

The next Live Pokemon GO event is just a couple of days ahead, and although the tickets for the event happening in the city of Las Vegas this time around have been sold out already, there is plenty of stuff coming globally for Pokemon GO players that didn’t manage to attend the event at its live location. The Global Gameplay will look to cover the content that the Pokemon GO Tour will have during its running hours a few days after the event, running on February 25th and 26th. Here’s all the info about the event if you’re looking to participate from your own locality.

Special Research:

Any major important content within Pokemon GO always comes in the form of Special Research tasks that give you rewards such as items and Pokemon Encounters. There will come a Special Research task for players to go through with Hoenn-themed rewards similar to those that the GO Tour participants would receive. Hence wise keep an eye out in the upcoming days for any updates to the game.

Masterwork Research:

What probably looks to be the most important content coming in every Pokemon GO Tour is the purchasable Research task that would land one of the Mythical Pokemon of the themed region. This time it’s Hoenn, hence the Wish Pokemon Jirachi will be our highlight for this special Masterwork Research.

You’ll be able to buy a relatively longer Research Task whose final reward will be a Shiny Jirachi Encounter, but not before an array of challenges and tasks to complete. The Ticket is stated to be for $5 and will be available for a whole month on the ingame Shop from February 20th till March 20th.

Rumbling Raids:

Another big update coming to the game is Primal Pokemon, specifically the two main Legendary Pokemon of the Hoenn Region, Kyogre the Water Legendary, and Groudon the Earth Legendary. These two will be coming with their Primal forms as they appeared in the Nintendo 3DS remake titles of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance titles, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Just as in Pokemon Omega Ruby for Primal Groudon, and Alpha Sapphire for Primal Kyogre, both the legendaries will be coming to the brand new Primal Raids, a small chance for them to even be Shiny! They’ll also give special bonuses inside the game when they will be in their Primal forms, so this will be a whole new gameplay mechanic to look forward to in Pokemon GO.

Aside from these two main ones, Deoxys will also make a return to the game in all of its four forms in 5-star Raids. But before the time for both the Primal Raids and Deoxys, Raquaza and Mega Latias/Latios will be available in Raids during their event running on February 23rd and 24th. Raquaza will also be able to learn a brand new move for battles, the Dragon Type Charged Move Breaking Swipe, which lowers the Attack stat of the opponent.

Lower star raids will cover the Hoenn Region’s Pokemon such as the three starters.

Global Encounters:

During the global event, Pokemon from the Hoenn Region will take the limelight and will be available in many different terrains throughout the globe. Every kind of Hoenn Pokemon will be spawning in ample, with normal Wild Encounters having their Shiny versions also available. Just a few names of the upcoming Pokemon are Torchic, Nincada, Nosepass, Bagon, and many more.

There will also be a worldwide challenge based on the two Legendary Pokemon in their Primal forms. Completing each will unlock their appropriate exclusive Pokemon Species as Encounters within the game. For example, Groudon’s Challenge will unlock Pokemon like Plusle, Volbeat, Solrock and more, while Kyogre’s Challenge will give Minun, Ilumise, Lunatone and more. All of these species will also have their shiny forms available if you’re lucky enough!


If you think you’ll manage a few Incubators, eggs will also feature Hoenn Pokemon such as the starters and baby Pokemon, rare Pokemon as well such as Feebas, Bagon, Beldum, and also the singular evolutions like Tropius, Torkoal and Relicanth.

Hoenn Style Pikachu and Hoenn Style Looks:

Pikachu will also be coming with special hats based on the main characters of the Hoenn titles, May and Brendan. Male Pikachu will be wearing Brendan’s hat, and Female Pikachu will be wearing May’s bow. And just the same as with all other encounters, players will have a chance to encounter them in their Shiny forms.

Aside from this, there will be a whole array of different clothing customizations coming to the game for players themed around Hoenn. Players can dress up as Brendan and May, or even catch a special look off of the new Primal Legendies coming to the game. There will also be special stickers themed around the same region. There is plenty of variety for the upcoming event, so be sure to check everything in the game. You’ll even get to experience brand-new music and see some special Event Boxes for the duration.

Aside from this, the event will be directly followed by Pokemon Day not too long after, which itself may give surprising new events within Pokemon GO. There might even be other announcements for the franchise, covering news of all forms such as for the mainline video games, the Pokemon TCG, the anime, and more. So if you’re a fan, you’re looking at a very good month of February ahead. If you’d like to catch up on the expectations from Pokemon Day 2023, check out our covered article over here.

For anyone more on Pokemon GO Live Tour and its Global Gameplay, check out the official Pokemon GO website.


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