Empress’ Hogwarts: Legacy Crack Drama Just Got Uglier

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated and famous game launches of recent months. As we previously reported about the game’s controversial inclusion of third-party DRM, Denuvo, and an ultimatum issued by an infamous game cracker, Empress. That drama just got a whole lot messier. Denuvo is the strongest DRM to ever appear on the PC and is backed by all major publishers, including Warner Bros. The people against Denuvo use the argument that it not only affects the games’ performance by a good margin, it also gives Denuvo full control over its games.

Courtesy: Digital Foundry
Courtesy: Gamerant

The drama started with the Empress account being banned from Reddit altogether without any warning or notice by the moderators. As per speculations by the Empress followers, the Hogwarts Legacy Crack announcement for PC brought a lot of heat on Reddit by WB. Empress moved to telegram and delivered the first beta Crack as promised within 10 days.

The first Crack appeared with a lot of bugs and Empress delayed the crack in favor of a second beta test. But as soon as the second beta was announced, their whole subreddit disappeared from Reddit. Known as Empressevolution, that subreddit was created by the Empress for their followers where they can discuss and even request a Denuvo-protected game crack for 500$.

Empress has already announced a second beta and it usually takes 1-3 days for the results to come. With such a massive target on their back, Hogwarts Legacy is not only the biggest launch of WB, it is also THE biggest game launch in years. We will be keeping an eye out for how this turns out. What do you think about the whole situation and about DRM in general? Do you mind DRM in your games or not? Let us know in the comments.

Update: Hogwarts Legacy has been cracked by Empress since this article came out.


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7 months ago

Or you know… You could PAY for the damn games.

James Wheeler
James Wheeler
7 months ago

I think WB is going way too far here and they will be called out over time. Denuvo hurts paying customers like me. No two ways about it.


[…] we reported earlier, a sole video games cracker who goes by the alias of Empress, issued a challenge to Warner Bros and […]

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