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Nintendo and Microsoft sign 10-year Binding Call of Duty Contract

It has suddenly been announced online that Microsoft and Nintendo have formally signed a contract for the Call of Duty series of videogame titles to be officially shared between both parties.

This comes ahead of the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft to add their lineup of videogame titles to Xbox consoles, now looking to come to Nintendo Switch and future Nintendo Switch consoles for the next ten years, with an official contract between the two videogames industry giants.

The news has been shared by the current Vice Chair and President of Microsoft, Brad Smith on Twitter. This is the original tweet of the new contract:

This comes ahead of time of the corporate dispute between Sony and Microsoft regarding the latter’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, with the closing deal costing up to $70 billion for the lineup of titles such as Call of Duty titles, World of Warcraft and more.

This gives a very interesting look at what the prospects can be for Nintendo and what their views would be regarding the future. Although amassing some of the most valuable exclusive videogame franchises, it is an intriguing look to have Call of Duty come to Nintendo consoles. This may also lay down a hint or a clue as to what Nintendo would be wanting in the future, regarding their console market and their support for such titles.

Regardless this comes as big news for both parties, with Microsoft looking to suitably get some good business benefits for the signed contract, and Nintendo adding one more successful franchise to their huge lineup of software titles.

Call of Duty has gained worldwide recognition for hits First-Person-Shooter videogame genre and is one of the best-selling videogame franchises in the world. It is also highly popular in the U.S., being one of the most successful videogame ventures in the video game industry. This is why the acquisition and the binding contract both come as big news for the industry.

A highly popular key-art for one of Call of Duty’s most successful videogame instalments.

The current number of software titles sold just on the Nintendo Switch is reaching 1 billion in number, which is a huge amount and an indicator for how successful the console has been for Nintendo. This deal describes Call of Duty titles to now arrive on the same dates on Nintendo consoles as they will on Microsoft consoles which implores a very beneficial business deal for the former company.

To check up on Call of Duty titles, visit their official website. To check up on Nintendo, you may also visit their official website. This further gives newer prospects for both companies and more to Nintendo as we’ve described their current rumoured stance.

Mohsin Ali
Mohsin Ali
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