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Top 5 PS5 Video Games Deals Available at Amazon

February is a big month for new AAA releases but it also brings a lot of discounts on already-released games. With PS5 finally back in stock and available at retail price, here are our top 5 picks for the month of February.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns:

Developed by Firaxis games in association with Marvel, Midnight Suns is a tactical role-playing game. Firaxis games are famous for franchises like Civilization and Xcom. We at Techdrake believe Midnight Suns is their best work to date and features a lot of familiar faces that come to life from comic book pages. The game was launched on 2nd December and has received various patches in the meantime. The game has garnered critical acclaim and is available at a 29% discount on Amazon.

Sonic Frontiers:

Sonic Frontiers is a platforming action game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega. It is a whole new take on an already established franchise which resulted in a mixed response from critics. But the game is a massive success among the players and is currently sitting at 90% positive reviews on steam alone. The game was released on 8th November and is available at a 33% discount on Amazon.

Elden Ring:

Developed by FromSoftware and published by Namco Bandai, Elden Ring is a record winner of 331 game awards. The game was not only released to major critical success, but it is one of the most beloved games of all time. This is a personal favorite of Techdrake staff and is considered the best open world ever created. An action RPG with lots of playstyles and a massive world to conquer, it is available at a 12% discount on Amazon. We can’t stress enough why Elden Ring is a must-play for everyone.

The Last of Us Part 1:

The last of us part 1, is a faithful remake of the original. Developers Naughty Dog (with Jak’ n Daxter and Uncharted fame) decided to recreate the classic using their new in-house engine. The remake is universally praised on the PS5 and is set to release for the PC next month. With the TV show getting massive limelight there is no better time to play this masterpiece. The game is available at a 29% discount on Amazon and is THE best way to experience an all-time classic.

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart:

Developed by Insomniac games exclusively for the PS5, Rift Apart is a major critical and commercial success. The game utilizes PS5 hardware to its full potential, resulting in a beautiful-looking game with frame rates to match. Rift Apart is also the industry leader in introducing 40fps for 120hz displays and it is a total game changer. We believe this game is as perfect as a platformer can be. The game is available at a massive 57% discount on Amazon.

Bonus Pick:

Demon’s Souls Remake by Bluepoint games is considered to be the best remake ever by the fans of the original. When the remake was officially announced, there were concerns because of lack of involvement by the original creators, FromSoftware. But the remake got the seal of approval from the Father of Souls games himself, Miyazaki. Not only a launch title for the PS5, but a technical masterpiece. We can’t stop ourselves from recommending it at every chance we get. The game is available at a 57% discount on Amazon.

Usman Zafar
Usman Zafar
As someone who plays across all platforms he can get his hands on, Usman loves to push the boundaries of what is possible on current and previous gen hardware. This means he is your go-to guy for emulating retro and current gen content packaged as a single force for a more democratic video game industry.
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