Pokemon GO and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Connectivity: Gimmighoul

With the newest Pokemon Presents stream, Pokemon GO is now officially able to connect to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet alongside the latter titles getting brand new DLC announcements and more. The official Pokemon GO website has just announced a full mini-event for this occasion starring the new Paldea Pokemon Gimmighoul, with many new mechanics and more.


This is the same Pokemon that players were teased a few months ago in Pokemon GO which led to the newest Gen 9 Pokemon titles’ releases back in November. The newest update will feature this Pokemon in Pokemon Go, with players being able to spawn and catch its Roaming Form and work on evolving it into its evolutionary form.

This evolutionary form also holds the 1000th Pokedex Pokemon Number, a commemoration of the kind of Pokemon crossing the three-digit mark. This also leaves a small hint at how players can evolve Gimmighoul.

How it works:

Coin Bag:
So what players basically need to do now is to pair up their Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet video game with Pokemon GO, and send a postcard from Pokemon GO to Scarlet or Violet. Upon sending the first postcard, players will receive the brand-new item Coin Bag in Pokemon GO. This will be the item that players can use once per day to spawn and encounter Roaming Form Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO.

This is the main way now to get Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO. And in order to evolve it, the new Golden Lure Module is also here.

People can also encounter Vivillon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on the other side of receiving the postcards, with the colour scheme matching the Vivillon-themed event inside Pokemon GO.

Golden Lure Module:
This is a new module that players can get by sending multiple postcards from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Scarlet or Violet. By using this, players can change normal Pokestops into Golden Pokestops, which are able to give Gimmighoul coins that players have to collect in order to evolve it. Players can also sometimes encounter Gimmighoul by spinning Golden Pokestops.

It’s also to note that now regular Pokestops can also randomly become Golden Pokestops and drop Gimmighoul coins, although players cannot get Gimmighoul in this manner if a Golden Lure Module wasn’t used. Pokestops will randomly turn into Golden Pokestops for the next 24 hours and in future events in Pokemon GO.

Avatar Items and Stickers:

The newest update also brings some new accessories themed around Gimmighoul, with Gimmighoul-themed stickers available via Gifts and Pokestops.

There is also a commemorative Gift Box within Pokemon GO now for free for players that give them 9 Gimmighoul coins. This would give them a small jump-start to gather 999 coins to evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo!

There is also a small retweet campaign for the new update:

This newest update comes ahead of the Global Gameplay event conclusion where Raquaza and Mega Latias and Latios are still available in the game for a couple more days.

For more on Pokemon GO, please visit their official website.


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