Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Rumoured Legendary DLC Pokemon available in Raid Battles

Coming as a surprising new announcement alongside DLC news for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and connectivity to Pokemon GO for Gimmighoul and more, two brand new Paradox Pokemon have suddenly made an appearance in Tera Raid Battles in both games. These two come as exclusive Paradox Pokemon, one to each version, the same ones that were previously rumoured to be a part of the DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

This comes as a surprising yet positive new announcement as players can already dive into the game and battle the two Legendary Paradox Pokemon.

Walking Wake:
This new Paradox Pokemon seemingly being an Ancient version of Suicune is now available in Tera Raid battles for players that own Pokemon Scarlet. The brand new Pokemon comes as a Dragon and Water Type Pokemon, with the body resembling a Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur. It will have the Water Tera Type and have four moves which are Hydro Steam, Noble Roar, Dragon Pulse and Flamethrower, but also being able to use Sunny Day.

Iron Leaves:
This new Paradox Pokemon comes as the Future Version of Virizion and will be the exclusive Pokemon for Pokemon Violet. This one features a body of a mecha Virizion, with a Psychic Tera Type and the moves Psyblade, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance and Megahorn, while also being able to use Electric Terrain.

The event period for these 75 Level Tera Raids is from now till March 12th 2023. These Tera Raid Battles will however return in the future if players miss out on them, so no need to worry if you’re still relatively far at the beginning of the game. It is to note however that players can only get 1 of each Pokemon from this event for every save file. Players who have Nintendo Switch Online Membership can also join other players’ raid battles to get the other version’s exclusive pokemon.

For more on Pokemon, you check the official Pokemon Website.


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[…] has also been a brand new addition to Tera Raid Battles with two brand-new forms for Legendary Pokemon, one exclusive to each game version, with both being available in raid Battles […]

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