Capcom has increased prices for Resident Evil 4 remake on PC

Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake on Steam had regional pricing, meaning that the game was priced differently in different countries. Based on data from SteamDB, prices ranged from $20 in Argentina to $70 in Europe. This pricing strategy was consistent with how Capcom had priced its games on Steam in the past. However, this all changed recently with Resident Evil 4 remake.

It has been reported that Capcom has increased the price of the Resident Evil 4 remake in various countries without any prior warning or notification. Some regions have been more affected than others, with Turkey and Argentina seeing a three-fold increase in price overnight. In countries like Pakistan, the game is now priced at $60, which is more than the average monthly minimum wage. This practice of stealthily increasing prices without notice has been observed in other publishers, such as EA and Koei Tecmo. Many gamers have expressed concern about the use of third-party DRM, specifically Denuvo, which grants publishers significant control over their games. Research has suggested that piracy may actually increase game sales, and many games that have seen a recent price increase also have Denuvo protection (Denuvo was never meant to protect sales. It was always supposed to enable publishers to overcharge). In one example, Sega announced the price of Like a Dragon: Ishin in Turkey as 700 Turkish lira, but later increased the price to 900 Turkish lira after stopping pre-orders.

Capcom recently announced a new demo for the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake, called the “Chainsaw Demo,” which is available on multiple platforms. The original Resident Evil 4 was well-received when it first released in 2005, and Capcom has since ported it to various consoles. With the success of recent Resident Evil remakes, many fans were eagerly anticipating the release of the Resident Evil 4 remake. However, some people may be hesitant to pre-order games due to concerns about the industry. Reviews from critics and users can provide helpful information about a game’s quality and experience. While the Chainsaw Demo may not fully represent the final product, reviews of the original Resident Evil 4 were overwhelmingly positive, and it is considered a classic in the survival horror genre. Fans and newcomers alike may be excited to see what changes and improvements Capcom has made in the upcoming remake.

The Resident Evil 4 remake is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year and has the potential to become one of the greatest games ever. Many fans are disappointed by Capcom’s decision to increase the price of the game without prior warning or notification. This practice is seen as unfair to those who waited to purchase the game and may set a new trend in the gaming industry where those who don’t pre-order will have to pay higher prices. This raises concerns about other changes that may affect gamers, such as the inability to refund broken products or the cost of patches. As such, many fans feel that companies such as Capcom owe an explanation to their fans and need to acknowledge this sudden change. While fans have respected Capcom’s work in improving franchises such as Resident Evil and Devil May Cry and bringing Monster Hunter to PC, this recent move is seen as a misstep and needs to be rectified.


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The Truth
The Truth
6 months ago

While I am excited for the RE4 remake, your article has one detail dead wrong, true RE4 fans are NOT looking forward to changes in RE4, we want the OG game with highend graphics, aka same game, but prettier. I still think some hardcore corporate punishment should fall onto whomever approved the removal of the dog that leon has the option to help. That dog was a reference to RE3.5, not acceptable in the slightest that they killed the dog…

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