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The Power of Various Media for Videogames

The industry’s strive for success never only comes from a singular variable, the product that is made for consumers must always meet a specific standard of quality alongside meeting requirements for the intended gaming base, and even this has many other factors in play that push a videogame towards acclaim and success. This may be the case for just the videogame during its developmental time. Still, another variable that comes towards a franchise’s or a videogame’s success is the fact whether there are various media adaptations that give viewers not only the gaming end but a more wholesome and more impactful exposure in all shapes, forms and sizes to push them to become really initiated and dedicated fans.

What we’re trying to discuss here in this article, in simple words, is that video games should get adapted to various other media platforms, because it really is successful and impactful. Whether it’s just a simple TCG card gig, a film, a series, a board game, gift cards, or even just stickers, any form to push a game’s content outside is a welcome step. At least, for fans, it is self-evident, but it also comes as a high prospect decision that may end up giving the push that makes a bad game into a great one, or a great one to one of the best videogames ever.

Arcane, one of the best videogame adaptations made.

Looking at some of the biggest franchises that have the biggest fanbases around, their success hinges on the fact that all their various media go side by side to give the highest exposure rate. Take the example of Pokemon, the biggest and most profitable franchise in the world comes in the form of shows, films, videogames, mobile titles, TCG cards, board games, plushes, so many sects hit and dealt with by the company to keep the franchise going year after year. Another example is Nintendo’s Mario franchise, various versatile kinds of media forms and even a well-distributed genre of videogame titles. There is also Zelda, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty and Need for Speed, each series and franchise coming in some other form of the other to give a small buff to strive for greater success for the makers, and more favourite content for the fans.

But looking at this aspect, it also comes to the fact of the quality of these adaptations or media forms. It’s simple, people like to get good stuff for the stuff they like, or else it’s useless. However, if this aspect meets a certain standard then it is one of the best things a videogame or a franchise can get.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners release window lining up with the Edgerunners Update for Cyberpunk 2077, reinvigorating fans to play the game.

Take the example of the latest aspect of Cyberpunk, the 2077 title was met with the most horrendous release window and the title ended up harming the company than giving it the limelight. CDProjektRed was previously looking to become the most valuable videogame company if not one of the most valuable ones. But with the dedication to fix the game ahead, and to set a release window of the anime adaption for the cyberpunk universe, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, the game was revived, and now sits as one of the best videogames on the market. This was due to the adaptation giving fans some push to try the videogame title.

There are many other examples of how various media forms benefit videogames. The Last Of Us getting a full live-action adaptation from HBO, Castlevania getting Netflix’s Animated Adaptation, League of Legends getting Arcane, Cuphead getting a fully old style animated series, these media push the boundary of a videogame towards a broader audience, and the main title is the one that can end up getting the most out of it, and hence the company that made it.

Netflix’s Castlevania, although facing developmental hell, became one of the best adaptations for the franchise.

It comes as a wish for fans that they get more content for what they love. Hence the industry can seriously look towards this aspect for any new franchise they make and market. These need to be handled with dedication and care once again, but the prospects and power of various media for videogames is a fresh and potent venture.

Mohsin Ali
Mohsin Ali
A rare individual whose gaming and social preferences are fueled by nostalgia. Giving most of his time to Game Boy Advance titles where it all started for him, his proficiency lies in anything coming from innovation and departure from the norms that directly surmount to just plain old fun. Anything related to Nintendo or Pokemon is enough motivation for him to put his fresh English graduate skills to good use.


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