Niantic commits to Real-World Pokemon GO Communities

There are not so many mobile videogame titles that are keeping up their support for many years, less so to keep on giving more and committing to the videogame and the players. Pokemon GO has announced its future commitment to the game, specifically to the real-life scenario of players that go out and play the mobile Pokemon title whose gameplay hinges on roaming and socialising. Niantic has announced updates to three new sects.

Game Updates:
The primary one is towards the game itself, where Game Updates will now have improvements for raids alongside some quality-of-life enhancements when players play in groups. The company also shared that they will add new features that have several benefits and buff up the variety and quantity of Pokemon that players can encounter within the game.

Alongside this, they’ve also mentioned the current raid battle scenario within the game, with the updated Regidrago Elite raids starting off the new updates coming ahead.

Coming next is the new application Campfire which was essentially made to cater to and accompany Pokemon Go societies around the US. Niantic has mentioned that they’re looking to update the app as well in the future to be more convenient and beneficial as a social app for the game. There will also come new updates that will allow better overall usage and better connection between players.

Aside from these, the two updates that the company have mentioned in their message is adding the Conversation option at Pokestops and Gyms, and the ability to navigate from Campfire to a gym in the game. This looks to be one of the highlighted areas for this message as the real-world society playing Pokemon GO use this app for their social gameplay purpose that directly correlates to them enjoying the game.

Community Ambassador Program:
This comes as a bolstering of real-life events and players that go out and enjoy the game with the community. The Community Ambassador Program has the company setting up booths and other stalls at locations that provide some perks and bonuses to Pokemon GO players, such as code giveaways and more. The company has mentioned it will grow its Community Ambassador Program to be available in newer areas and to more people, so people will have more reason to go out and play the game.

This message comes ahead of the company and the mobile videogame title going strong as one of the most played mobile titles, with a huge player base that is still having the title go strong. This message looks to convey a positive message towards players to keep on playing the title, as it would not seem that the title will be losing support anytime soon.

There is also plenty of more to enjoy in the game alongside this announcement, with the Indian Festival coming as a whole new ongoing event in Pokemon GO. The newest Rising Heroes Season has also started, so there is much to enjoy if you’re thinking of playing yourself. Community Days are still a monthly thing, with GO Live events coming back year after year as well.

For more information on Pokemon GO, visit the official Pokemon GO website. For more on Pokemon, you can check out our other Pokemon and Pokemon GO articles available to read for free. Pokemon still comes forth as the biggest franchise in history that is immensely successful and still thriving in all forms of media, Pokemon GO being the example of a popular mobile video game title.


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