How To Unlock TMP in Resident Evil 4 Demo

Capcom has just released a curated demo for its upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake. The demo is available for all platforms and can be played over and over again (no time or playthrough limit).

The demo offers two weapons. A handgun (starting weapon) and a shotgun (can be found inside the village). The ammo for both weapons is very limited and it is almost impossible to defeat Dr Salvador (chainsaw) with them. The Resident Evil 4 demo also offers a variety of grenades like hand grenades and frag grenades, in addition to a melee weapon (knife).

These all seem like a decent offering for a demo which is around 15-30 minutes long. But if you want to make the demo more interesting, then you can always unlock “Mad Chainsaw Mode”. This is where the third hidden weapon comes in handy.

The TMP (or Tactical Machine Pistol) is a sub machine gun available in demo. The gun is not available on a normal playthrough and requires a few extra steps to be found. Here is a step by step guide on finding the TMP.

  1. As soon as you run away from the house in the beginning, discard all of the items in your inventory. This includes handgun, ammo, first aid spray and anything else you have. Your inventory must be clear before entering the village.
  2. When you enter the village, don’t fight the enemies. Run straight through them and reach the church building (at the very end).
  3. Turn right and you will see a well with a ladder. The entrance to the well is sealed shut if you enter the village with anything in your inventory.
  4. Climb down the ladder and you will come across some breakable boxes. You will find a hidden chest there. Open it to receive your prize.

The TMP comes with a capacity for 50 bullets and is an amazing weapon for crowd control. The best part about unlocking the weapon is that it will always be available in your subsequent playthroughs (right from the very beginning). It can also be a game changer during “Mad Chainsaw Mode”. This weapon will also be carried on to your full game (a nice bonus).


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[…] being so short, it can’t stop the fans from finding a lot of secrets and Easter eggs in it. We recently posted a guide on how to find an additional weapon in the demo, TMP, which will carry on to your full game. Such a […]

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